Hasselblad Film Body

Hire from $135.00 per day. ($155.25 inc GST)

  • 1 x Hasselblad H2 body
  • 1 x Hasselblad Viewfinder & Eyepiece
  • 1 x Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 HC lens
  • 1 x Hasselblad Film Back
  • 1 x Battery Grip
  • 3 x CR123 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x Cary Case
Five day rate:
Weekly rate:

This auto and manual focus camera gives the pro shooter all the benefits of an "H" series camera but with a nod towards the traditional film world.

Along with full use of the superior "H" series lenses, the H2F will deliver pro images for the pro shooter - or anyone wanting to use a high-end medium format 6x4.5 film camera. Its built-in flash, primarily used as a fill flash has a guide number of about 24 and can be adjusted to -2 stops.

When used as intended, this "pop" flash can open shadows on a bright day just enough to render detail in a shadow area at minimal distances. In addition to the fill flash, by using the SCA 3902 Flash Adapter, any flash compatible with the SCA3002 system can be used.