Arca-Swiss Monoball Z2+ Ball Tripod Head

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  • 1x Arca-Swiss Monoball Z2
  • 1x Ball Head
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The Monoball Z2+ is an improvement on the Z1 ball head line from Arca-Swiss. This ball head allows for adjustments in two separate directions. A problem facing many photographers is how to adjust both the horizontal and vertical axes with just one ball head. The Z2 addresses this challenge by adding a second tilt axis, allowing full vertical movement.

The load bearing capacity and range of movement have been improved. This Monoball tripod head is engineered so the camera cannot slide out of position accidentally. The improved technology allows for stable position of the camera in any possible angle and direction, with fully secure locking.

The Double Panorama means that in addition to the first panorama swivel unit, there is a second unit located between the aspherical ball and the quick-lock plate. The second panorama swivel unit is convenient when shooting full-panorama pictures. The plane of the fast locking mechanism can be precisely aligned with the ball head, allowing the camera to rotate on the horizontal axis.