Kinoflo 4Bank 4ft Tungsten and Daylight

Hire from $75.00 per day. ($86.25 inc GST)

  • 1x Kinoflo 4Bank 4ft Tungsten and Daylight
  • 5x Tungsten Tubes
  • 5x Daylight Tubes
  • 1x Tube Protective Case
  • 1x Kino Stand Adapter
  • 1x Hard Case
Five day rate:
Weekly rate:

Kino Flo’s award winning 4ft 4Bank portable lighting system is reintroduced with a new design. With new universal voltage from 100VAC to 240VAC, the 4Bank can be used anywhere in the world. The 4Bank is brighter than a 1,000W softlight, yet draws only 2.6A (120VAC), 50% less than the previous model. New features include new graphics, new color coded connectors and new power switches. The lighter weight 4Bank ballast has the same classic features: individual light control, HO/Standard switching and the same high quality standards: flicker-free, instant-on, dead quiet operation. Color temperature doesn’t shift when light levels change. With its new and classic features, the popular 4Bank remains to be a favorite tool among lighting professionals in the studio or on location.