Mola Rayo - 15"

Hire from $35.00 per day. ($40.25 inc GST)

  • 1x Mola Rayo - 15"

    (Comes with Profoto Mount Standard, Can Be Changed to Broncolor on Request)
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The Rayo Reflector by Mola measures 15" and has a completely different design than other Mola reflectors. It's designed to be used alone as a main light or with other Mola reflectors as a fill or hair light. The smaller diameter and greater depth gives it a directional beam of light, sharp shadows, and a narrower, longer throw of light which can be altered using optional Opal and PAD internal deflectors or a grid. A great choice for full-length location and fashion work, it has a 75° beam spread and a silver interior for a punchy quality of light and a wraparound effect.