PocketBox Max Flash Softbox - Round

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  • 1x PocketBox Max Flash Softbox - Round
  • 1x PocketBox Storage Pouch
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The PocketBox Max Flash Softbox - Round - 8.5" is an ideal solution for a multitude of problems inherent in on-camera flash use. The PocketBox Round sets up in seconds and is compatible with any shoe-type flash, whether you're using it on or off camera. First and foremost, it eliminates the harsh shadows produced with direct flash, especially when the flash is the main source of light. Since the light is diffused, redeye is minimized and contrast softened. The shape of the box produces round catchlights in the eyes of your subject for a natural look in portraiture. The PocketBox Round features a silver interior to maximize your flash's output, as well as a removable diffusion panel for even output.