Profoto B10X PLUS AirTTL 500 Mono Head with battery

Hire from $80.00 per day. ($92.00 inc GST)

  • 1x Profoto B10x 500 AirTTL
  • 1x Protective cap
  • 2x B10x Batteries
  • 1x Batter Charger / Power Supply
  • 1x Carry case
Five day rate:
Weekly rate:

There's so much to like about the B10X, but if you require a little more juice, the Profoto B10X Plus OCF Flash Head is for you. Building on the laurels of the B10 and the easily foreseeable popularity of the B10X, Profoto pushes the envelope still further for photographers and videographers and doubled the B10X's power to 500Ws with very short recycling times of just 0.05 to 2.2 seconds at full power over a 10-stop power range. The flash is also TTL and High-Speed Sync capable, and its LED modeling lamp is powerful (10,000 lux with an OCF Magnum reflector) enough to shoot video with the same camera that you use to shoot stills. In fact, you can vary the color temperature from 3000 to 6500K, while its high CRI of 90-96 is your assurance of accurate color reproduction. The battery will give you 65 minutes run time at full power.