The little big light

Forget logistical issues that come with heavy flashes and chunky equipment; the Profoto A2 is the ultimate studio-quality monolight in neat packaging. It is built to support your vision wherever you happen to be: in cities, secluded areas, and in the most difficult terrains. Considering it is the size of a soda can, you can easily bring it with you and turn any location into a set. With AirX connectivity built-in, you can use the A2 as part of a more extensive lighting setup with any camera and smartphone, which makes your creative opportunities more flexible and vast. Trust that it will enhance any natural light setting and scene. Pack light, head out, and capture beyond any doubt!

Profoto A2

Great light will always be with you

Meet Profoto A2, the battery powered monolight made for a life on the move and every camera. Despite being the size of a soda can, the A2 delivers 400 full-power flashes at 100W from one battery charge. It keeps a recycling time of 0.05-1.3 seconds and functions at a range of 100m (330ft) with remote control and TTL. A2 is fully compatible with the Profoto system thanks to its built-in Bluetooth AirX technology and it’s an excellent companion in natural light settings. For more light-shaping opportunities, use it with the full range of Clic modifiers. Add the OCF Adapter II to your kit and access the +120 OCF light shaping tools to expand your possibilities.


  • Battery charging time of 115 min
  • Range of up to 100m (330ft) 
  • 500 gram
  • Recycling time 0.05-1.3 seconds
  • Battery sustains up to 400 full-power (100w) flashes 
  • Compatible with Profoto AirX
  • Instant firmware updates with Profoto Control App

Profoto A2 Off Camera Flash with Bluetooth

Product number: 901250

Purchase Price $1735 + GST ($1995 including GST)

Hire from $45 + GST ($51.75 including GST)

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