Studio 4

Hire from $500.00 per day. ($575.00 inc GST)

  • Blackout and daylight options
  • White walls
  • Concrete polished floors
  • Colorama available for background hire
  • Single phase power
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Kitchenette
  • Mobile makeup unit
  • Clothes rack, steamer, iron and ironing board.
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Onsite parking

Studio 4 full day

Hire from $500.00

Studio 4 half day

Hire from $320.00

Studio 4 - Day Time Events

Hire from $750.00

Studio 4 - Evening Events

Hire from $900.00

Full day hours (8AM-6PM)

Half day hours (8AM-12:30PM OR 1:30PM-6PM)

Download floor plan   (PDF)

Studio 4 is 15.5m x 7m x 3.2m high on low side graduating to 4.1m high. Our newest studio, located right next door to the other three, offers the option of beautiful all day sunlight streaming through long side windows (weather permitting), diffused light through the sheer curtains. Alternatively drawing the black curtains can control the light or black out the studio.

This studio is great for everything from food to fashion and the sound is ok for video as long as there is not very heavy rain. If sound is important, we recommend Studio 1 or Studio 2